Duplicata permis

Duplicata de permis de conduire

Obtaining a French licence

What area unit the rules and therefore the application method to alter your existing licence for a French version?


If relocate to France and you hold a licence issued from among the ecu Economic space (EEA) you're not needed to alter it for a French permis American state conduire.

You will solely got to amendment your existing licence if:


You have Associate in Nursing recent licence with Associate in Nursing ending date that has passed;


You lose or deface your driving licence;


You commit Associate in Nursingendorsable driving offence in France.


Some expats opt to retain their home country licence exactly as a result of it will typically makes life slightly harder for French gendarmes within the event that you simply area unit stopped for a driving offence!


However, no matter restrictions that apply to your home country licence apply equally in France. therefore if there area unit medical restrictions on your licence, these apply in France.


If you are doing arrange to retain your existing licence there's no got to inform your licensing authority (eg DVLA) of your new address in France, as they'll not amendment the address details to a remote residence.


Application Procedure


In order to use for a French permis American state conduire you may got to contact your localpréfecture.


The application type could be a Cerfa n°11247.


You can complete it directly on-line, however it's in all probability easier if you print it off and complete it in black ink. this can be as a result of you'll got to discuss your application with the préfecture.


As usual, you may got to gift a spread of knowledge and documents to officers. the necessities do vary marginally between totally different departments, however unless you recognize exactly what's needed in your own department, we'd advocate you're able to turn out a minimum of the following:


Your original licence


Your passport


Recent utility bills as proof of address


Two to four identity pictures


Birth certificate


Marriage certificate


Some préfectures request that the licence is translated, however this may be unusal for Associate in Nursing English licence.


You may even be asked for a certificate of title issued by the DVLA and a certificate from the tax workplace that you simply area unit up thus far with the payment of your French taxes. the shape you would like from your native centre d’impots could be a P237. In each cases it's not a traditional demand.


Normally no fee is due , however this not perpetually the case.


There is no set amount for issue of the licence, that create take many weeks to many months.


Licences Issued Outside of the EEA


If you hold a non-EEA licence, and you become resident in France, you're needed to get a French licence among one year of you changing into wrongfully resident.


Accordingly, if you relocate to France and hold a carte du jour American state séjour, your licence can become invalid once one year.


After this era has terminated so as to get a French licence you may be needed to take a seat a driving take a look at to get a permis American state conduire.


France includes a mutual recognition procedure with most alternative countries on the world, that the method of exchanging your licence for a French one is generally fairly simple.


Indeed, there's widespread concern among France that the method isn't rigourous enough, thanks to the benefit with that a licence are often obtained in some countries, and therefore the corruption that typically surrounds the difficulty of such licences!


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